02 January 2012

I am back, I guess.

Me and my endeavours.

I have been having musician's block recently. I was trying to write my second symphony (which i am proud to announce shall have a celesta in it, but as part of the orchestra, it's not a concerto) I am also working on a piano concerto, and a selection of solo piano 'dances' or short songs to be used as a set.

The piano is a versatile and beautiful instrument, and while i love messing with the colour and scale of an orchestra, i didn't want to neglect the piano.

As you may have seen, I have also done a short piece for two pianos. This give more scope the pianos versatility, and can have some really awesome effects, like playing chords in the same range as the melody is impossible with one piano. but with two, ah the wonderment.

I was also glad to see i was giving encouragement with my last article.

If only i could encourage people to buy an play my work :(

Speaking of which, I am getting a piece of work professionally recorded sometime this year. Wish me luck with what comes of it :D

Bubbye :D




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