03 March 2012

Busy Busy.

More endeavours.

I haven't been around here lately, i have been very busy in my 'studio' shall we say, composing a lot of wonderful things. But I have decided to put my first prelude up. see if it generates any more interest. I get many page views, but no buyers. Not sure why, but hey ho, I must press on and not be disheartened.



Brandon Wall
05 Mar 2012
Hey, I feel your pain. I listened to some of your audio examples. Sound pretty good. How long you been composing? I started composing about a year ago. I know very little about music but I'm learning as time goes by off and on between school and work. Also, just a thought, offer some of your music for free, which could allow someone to download it, play it, when that person plays it, somebody else hears it, they ask who the composer is, they tell that person and that person downloads the song, wants more of your music and pays for your other uploads and it goes into a cycle. Just think of it as advertising...Just a thought. Keep up the good work. Good luck to you.

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