Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood

New Composer on the Block

This is a site for the new composer Andrew Wood, as yet unpublished. I have been fervently studying music and have one or two peices i'd like to slap up on here... Hope you like them :/

Classical Music is the main feature of my life, Nobody has known me for more than a week and hasn't had to listen to me rabbit on about every nuance in The Rite of Spring.

I haven't actually had any professional music training, but my love for classical music was so intense i took it upon myself to by books, scour the internet and teach myself.

Now... go have a wander around :D

ultimas partituras
Prelude No.1: Death in the Valley
Clássico / Contemporâneo
Prelude for Harp in D Minor
Clássico / Peça
Prelude for Solo Flute in C Minor
Clássico / Peça
Prelude for Violin
Clássico / Contemporâneo
Etude No.4: The Gates of Hell
Clássico / Contemporâneo
String Quartet in B flat, Op.8
Clássico / Música de Câmara
Prelude in F
Clássico / Contemporâneo
Sonatina for Piano and Violin
Clássico / Contemporâneo
The Moons, Op.6
Clássico / Música de Câmara
Etude No.3
Clássico / Etude
03 março 2012, Artigo
Busy Busy.
I haven't been around here lately, i have been very busy in my 'studio' shall we say, composing a lot of wonderful things. But I have decided to put my first prelude up. see if it generates any more interest. I get many page views, but no buyers. Not ... comentários 1
22 janeiro 2012, Notícias
My First Recording!
Just a small bit of news, An orchestral piece called 'The Mad King's House Party' will be being rehearsed and recorded by my local music service, with the possibility of a performance in a concert this Spring. Oh, How excited i do be!
02 janeiro 2012, Artigo
I am back, I guess.
I have been having musician's block recently. I was trying to write my second symphony (which i am proud to announce shall have a celesta in it, but as part of the orchestra, it's not a concerto) I am also working on a piano concerto, and a selection ...