New Composer on the Block


Starting with the Basics, I am Andrew, a 22 year old new (beginner) composer from Manchester in England.

My work is, as I am sure, most other contempory music is, fuelled by a passion for music and a love for the composers of Old. I love anything slightly dark, or comical. My influences include Modest Mussorgsky, Igor Stravinsky, Edvard Greig, Gustav Holst and Paul Dukas.

I have not actually had any professional music training, however for a few months now, I have been studying scores and listening to a more varied range of classical music and my love grew so much more intense that I just had to try it for myself. My studying became almost an obsession, and this is something that I hope, one sunny day, to get noticed for.

I am one of these people who can experience music visually as well as aurally, being able to distinguish shapes, colors, tones and stories through the music. My particular style at the moment is to tell a particular story or idea or concept through music. i think this is essential to some of the greatest and most awe-inspiring music ever written: Night on Bare Mountain, Nutcracker Suite, Rite of Spring, Sorceror's Apprentice, Carmina Burana, Five Hebrew Love Songs, Ride of the Valkyries, Mozart's Sixth (pastorale), Scheherezade and the Planets. (to name but a miniscule few).

Trust me, on this topic I could carry on for utter days, and often do. I may be a grown man, but i am completely filled with this childish sense of wonder, awe and inspiration when listening to such things.

Pretty soon I am to have my composing career christened with a performance of 'The Mad King's House Party' by my local music service Orchestra!! 

Andrew Wood